witter likes to make your business work for you

If you use twitter as one of your social media tools, you’d be losing a lot if you don’t make full use of the twitter likes to make your business work for you. Read on to know more.

A like is placed on a tweet when someone likes it. But if you’re a business owner, you can use it as advertisement to promote your business. Asking your followers to like your tweet about a product and offer them something in return is an attractive way to get customers. Twitter likes don’t have to be only from your followers. As long as anyone searches for something related to your tweet, they too can place a like on it.

This is also another reason why you should hash tag your tweets correctly. While other users can still come across your tweet without a hash tag if your tweets carries the word they search for, using hash tags will help your tweet get filed and archived quickly. With the right hash tags, you can reach a wider market and hence more potential customers.


Using Incentives To Get Free Likes on Social Media.

You need numbers if you want to run a successful blog or a social media page. People, therefore, are taking advantage of free likes to do that. There are different approaches used to attract the same that needs careful planning and consideration before you start going for the numbers. It is easy to make use of your existing likes to build on more. Let your fans help you to reach out for more as you provide them with a little token or incentive to help you spread out the message to potential free likes.


Some existing followers may just share your message freely because they believe it is worth it but others will only share with a promise to get a gift back. That is when contests, voting, and instant prices come in now. Competitions like tagging friends to come like your post or a particular picture on social media are aimed at bringing them to your page. As the winner takes the prize home, the numbers are retained because no one will find the need to dislike the page again.


Striking Healthy Conversations To Attract Free Followers.

Striking a conversation plays a vital role in engaging and attracting free followers to your blog with time. Simple as it sounds, when not done well, it may cause more damage and not achieve its intended purpose at all. That is why some social media page administrators have gone to an extend to automate most engagements to ensure a response is guaranteed at all times without fail.


Even though a response is guaranteed, don’t automate everything. Consider adding a personal touch to most conversations by personally responding to your clients and existing followers. This makes it real and helps generate constructive engagements at all times. That is why you need to have a team set solemnly to manage the pages and not to be done as part time. Most conversations are watched on the sidelines by others, and that is why you should monitor all responses. If okay, you may get more free followers just because of the personal touch in your replies. Run polls, games or trivia questions to keep everyone engaged and not just solving queries at all times.