What Are Free Likes For And Do I Need Them?

News 12:06 June 2024:

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The higher number of likes you get on a post on your social media, the higher the tendency for someone to take the time to read it and maybe even share it.

Free likes give you the number even though you don’t have enough friends and/or followers. It simply provides the impression that many people like your post or that you have many people who follow your posts. These free likes are usually from dummy accounts created by the company for this purpose. They’re just numbers and you may not get any engagement on your post because the companies would usually just like your post based on how many you want.



Whether or not you need these likes, it depends on how well other to receive your post. It’s good if you have a business and you have a new product to promote. But if you’re just using your social media account for personal reasons, you might come across as obnoxious and just looking to be popular.



Make sure you know what you need it for before you get them.