How a massage chair can negatively impact body health.

News 07:05 May 2024:

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A massage chair is a specially designed chair with unique parts that are aimed at targeting particular body parts to offer relaxation and pain relief to one’s body. With the increase in adoption of massage chairs in our lives be it homes, offices, and spas, be it for relaxation, medical purposes many dangers have been associated with them in our lives. The benefits are numerous and appreciated widely, but we can not ignore these faults. We will look at them briefly to educate the masses on the dangers that come with increased use of these particular chairs for massages.


  1. Full range of chairs in the market.

Numerous manufacturers in the world have created and made these chairs. Each chair has its own different and unique functions and parts. Some chairs are made for specific weight and body range. This means that when shopping one has to look carefully at many factors that will affect the efficient use of these chairs when purchased. On the same point, these chairs with their different functions, one is limited to its uses because of functionality.


  1. Cost.

These chairs are costly when buying one has to shop around widely and carefully so that they can get the right chair, with the right specifications so that once they have to spend a fortune, they are satisfied that they got the value of their money. Without saying, there is a lot of time wastage in shopping for the right chair, be it on line or physically.

This chair uses power in its functions; this will increase the electricity bills in a home or spa.

  1. Seat location

This chair has many body parts that make it work well when being manufactured, and these parts result is a bulky frame and overall body of the chair. As a result, these seats will need a big space for its position be it in the house, office or spa.


  1. Health effects

Massage chairs are known to lower down the blood pressure when used well, it’s a big advantage when it comes to our bodies. However, when one suffers from low blood pressure it is risky and may be fatal. The pressure dropping beyond the normal limits will cause more harm than good for its fluctuations will increase the chances of the body suffering a stroke.

Some people have electromagnetic devices in their bodies like pacemakers are discouraged from using it without the doctor’s recommendation. This is because, with the functions of the chair, there is electromagnetism aspects in their duties and will hinder its operations.

Some people suffer from epilepsy and seizures, and these are mostly due to imbalances in the electrical needs of the body. These conditions will be made worse when one uses a massage chair.


  1. Chair weight

These chairs are heavy, as mentioned above, this is due to the parts that make up the chair. This will be expensive if you have bought it online because of shipping costs that will be incurred. It is cumbersome and bulky making any transport costs and possibilities impossible.

  1. Not as effective as the traditional massage.

Sometime back, massages were carried out by the help of the hands with essential oils where there was rubbing and kneading of the body parts and muscles until the relaxation and pain relief is felt. One will spend so much money on purchasing this particular chair and end up being disappointed because not the desired effect will be achieved and experienced.


7.Scheduling an appointment nightmare

Not every person can afford to purchase an down these massage chairs, as a result one will have to use the ones in the Spa. One needs to schedule an appointment, create the time in their busy lives and travel to the Spa for that much-yearned massage. If one is getting a massage for health reasons, it will be taxing and taunting for their bodies the whole journey to the massage parlor.


With the above outlined and briefly explained negative impacts of massage chairs in our lives, one has to truly look and consider these pros before embarking on the journey of buying and owning this particular chair.